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I believe everyone brings something unique and valuable to this world. LaunchMe is a chance for us to uncover the potential that lives in all of us.
— Brad Waid
Before Launch Me, I knew I wanted to do more and be more, but I wasn’t sure what road to take. There seemed to be so many routes, but I wasn’t sure which route was best for me. I needed guidance. Launch Me helped me focus on my mission and find my path.

During Launch Me, Brad really helped me find my story and my message. We all have something to give, but sometimes we don’t realize that what we have to say is special and needs to be shared with others. Brad not only helped me discover my message, he became my biggest cheerleader. He encouraged me, gave me guidance, and continues to check in with me to see if there is any way he can help me continue to grow. (tears...)

Be Brave has always been my motto....Brad gave me the tools to take it to others.

Brad is an incredible person who knows how to find the special in all of us. I don’t know where I would be without him.

One more life has exploded since Launch Me. I believe that when you put your dreams out into the universe, they find a way to become reality.

Kelley McCall
— @mccall_kelley
Kelley McCall - LauchMe Academy Graduate April 2015

Kelley McCall - LauchMe Academy Graduate April 2015



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