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Emerging Tech


Work with Brad

Did Hollywood Have It Right? #AR #VR #MR #ML #AI

Did Hollywood Have It Right? #AR #VR #MR #ML #AI

Did Hollywood Have It Right?

This is a  question I ask during one of my keynotes.   I speak about emerging technology and the impact it is having now, the impact it will have in the future and what questions we need to be asking ourselves now.  

Let's take a look at just a few movies that brought us wonderful advances in personal technology that are now becoming a reality and why we can never go back.

Star Wars - Star Wars gave us Princess Laia as a hologram.  (1977) 41 years ago

Minority Report - Minority Report introduced us to Mixed Reality as we watched Tom Cruise manipulate and interact with digital information as he played detective in the future.  (2002) 16 years ago 

The Matrix and Ready Player One - Using Virtual Reality, these two introduced us to the possibility of escaping our flesh and blood, brick and mortar world to live in a virtual world where anything is possible and living beyond our earthly limitations. (2003 & 2018) 15 years ago and this year respectively

iRobot & Deux Ex Machina - These movies along with many others, introduced use to the human and moral side of Artificial Intelligence.  (2004 & 2006) 14 years ago and 12 years ago respectively

As we continue to build and enhance our ability to leverage technology, we are faced with some fascinating questions.

18 Questions we need to ask about Emerging Technology 

Holograms and Holographic technology
How do we get past the "smoke and mirrors" and implement into meaningful experiences?

Augmented & Mixed Reality
How will we incorporate this will Big Data & IoT?
How will it change learning in the classroom?
What happens when someone Augments your physical appearance without your permission?
What happens when someone puts digital assets on your physical property or person?

Virtual Reality 
How can we build virtual worlds to train and learn in safer environments?
What does the new "Real Estate" market look like?
Who owns the virtual world?
Should it be regulated?
What mental health issues may arise from people choosing to live in a virtual world?
Should we try to be someone else in a virtual world?

Artificial Intelligence
How do we leverage AI to help solve global problems?
Will AI increase or decrease our human intelligence?
Will AI divide our education system?
Can physical teachers and AI teachers work together?
What is the answer to keep AI under human control?
Should AI be regulated?
Who will benefit the most from AI?

In just the last few months I have sat down and worked with many companies around the world working through these questions.   As we face these new crossroads, what road will you take?

Please share your thoughts, answers and your own questions.

Author - Brad Waid @techbradwaid Futurist, Speaker, Consultant, Game Changer

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Brad Waid
2 Worlds Collide

2 Worlds Collide

Sometimes, without explanation, 2 worlds collide.  Imagine being there when Peanut Butter met Jelly or when Harry Met Sally.  That happened to me the other day.  Being a passionate visionary and evangelist in emerging technology and having two feet, one in education and one industry, I had a chance meeting that took my thoughts and visions to a new level.  Insert Manuel Gutierrez Novelo and Charlie Booth here.

Recently, I spent some time with Manuel Guitierrez Novelo, the CEO, President and Co-Founder of ImmersiON-VRelia (creator of the HMD, I'm wearing below) and Charlie Booth a pioneer in 3D VR training and an incredible producer. You can read their incredible resume and bio's online, but Manuel is known internationally for his work in VR/AR/HMD/HUD/3D Blue Ray and he was the recipient of the Lumiere Award in Technology in 2013. Charlie is know for his feature film production and his work with the Department of Defense.   

I had met Charlie the prior week and my meeting with Manuel was set up by him and another person close to their work, who said to each of us "You two have to meet!"  Manuel and I quickly realized we have the same passion for futuristic movies that fuel our imagination and our vision of an incredible future for human kind.  Within moments we were discussing The Matrix and Neo’s ability to learn complex information, efficiently and effectively.  Our conversations over the next hour were based in reality but were centered around Augmented Reality, Mixed and Virtual Reality.  We were discussing the incredible possibilities the technology can deliver today and harnessing it to elevate the human species.  A lofty goal but an achievable one that we both believe in.  

Manuel, Charlie and their entire team are pushing the envelope and the industry.  They are ready to take on the challenge and I was honored to be part of the discussion.  

Stay tuned and take note because big things are happening in this industry and we are not talking 5 years out, we are talking now.  

Created by one of the team members who insisted on shooting this pic :) 

Said team member taking the pics :)
Taking their VR HMD for a spin

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Brad Waid

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

In this first post, in the series of articles about AR, VR and MR, we will look at each technology and set the foundation for the articles that follow.  Each post will be in bite sized chunks designed to inform and spark conversation.  Please be an active voice and help by sharing your insights, your questions and your expertise, here on the comments forum and/or on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram).  Tag me or use the hashtag #ARVRMR

Key – AR = Augmented Reality
            VR = Virtual Reality
            MR = Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are changing the way, that we as humans, interact with the world around us.  They are changing the way we learn, communicate, shop, play and work. 

Here are some general descriptions for each technology.  Please see sources and links at the end of the article for “official” definitions and informative graphics.

Augmented Reality is when you use a device like a phone or a tablet and you view digital information that has been place in the physical or “real” world (i.e.: Pokemon Go). 

Virtual Reality is when you use a device like an immersive headset that blocks out the physical or “real” world and you are experiencing a virtual, digital world. 

Mixed Reality is when you use a device that truly blends the physical and digital worlds and allows us to interact with them.  Where the digital assets can recognize and interact with the physical world.  This interaction is sometimes called HCI (Human Computer Interaction).  See graphic

A little bit about myself.  I cut my teeth on AR in the field of education about 5 years ago and I saw the power of the technology, first hand, by the way it “engaged” my students, I was teaching 8 year olds at the time.  I leveraged that “engagement” to achieve learning outcomes with my students.  It quickly became my mission to study the technology in every industry to see how it was being used and to understand how it would impact my students as consumers, producers and how it would impact them as they entered the work force. 

As I was maximizing and leveraging AR in my classroom, I was sharing out my work and soon found myself as an evangelist for the technology.  This evangelism work, led to many successful outlets for my work including a blog, a weekly podcast, a weekly live show, doing professional development and training, and working around the U.S. and the world delivering keynotes and working with schools.  

My passion for AR led to my exploration into other emerging technologies like; VR, MR, Iota (Internet of Things), ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and more. 
Soon I was wearing the latest VR headsets, working with incredible hardware and talking with and working with some of the most influential people in the industries. 

Taking in a global view of the world and the “human experience”, gives me the lens to work to advance the human experience in this endeavor by being thoughtful about the creation, deployment and implementation of the technologies.  I am now currently working with school systems (large and small), government bodies and incredible companies, that range from nimble and aggressive start-ups to some of the most established companies around. 

Below are some insights to the upcoming articles for AR, VR and MR in these industries. What one are you most looking forward too?  Do you have some insights or expertise to share?  Contact me @techbradwaid on social media or via email


Enhancing the worker - The companies and products behind it.

Consumer Consumption
Digital Consumption – Trends, Habits and Limits

Training, The New Workforce and Safety
Today, Tomorrow and Beyond – The New Workforce (Training, Safety, Re-Skilling) and the people, products and companies behind them.

Learning & Education
Crisis or Renaissance? – The Teachers, The Tech and The Students.

Marketing, Branding and Messaging
Sensory Invasion – Evolving the way we perceive, receive and react.

The Gaming Industry
Impact, Influence and Grip – How, Why and What’s next?

Buying & Selling (Commerce)
The US Dollar, Renminbi, Yen, Quid, Kuwaiti Dinar, Rupee, Ringgit, Baht?  - Markets and Currency leading emerging commerce. 

Mixed Reality -

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Brad Waid

Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality - A series looking at their impact and influence

This will be a weekly series looking at Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and other Emerging Technologies and their impact on us as a species.

Post will go up on Mondays and will be covering

- Industry
- Consumer Consumption
- Training, The New Workforce & Safety
- Learning &  Education
- Marketing, Branding and Messaging
- The Gaming Industry
- Buying and Selling
and more.

The first post will be published Monday, September 11.

If you have any ideas about specific pieces you would like to see or you have information you would like to contribute, please comment below, email or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook Messenger

LinkedIn - Brad Waid
Facebook - Brad Waid
Twitter - @techbradwaid
Instagram = @techbradwaid
Email -

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Brad Waid
New Horizons with Brad Waid

New Horizons with Brad Waid

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to my new site! Come here often for the latest in Edtech, Augmented Reality, Emerging Tech, Thought Leadership and more!  Leave a comment below to let me know what you want to see!

 Coming Soon!

New YouTube Channel

New Live Show

New Twitter Chat

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Brad Waid
[name=Brad Waid] [img=] [description=Award Winning Educator, Emerging Technology Leader, Global Influencer, International Speaker, Keynoter, Top 15 influencer in Augmented Reality, Branding and Messaging Specialist and a good story-teller. Working with schools, industry, businesses, thought leaders and government bodies to improve learning, education and the human experience. ]