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Work with Brad

Brad is an award-winning speaker, consultant, educator, futurist and emerging technology leader, from Michigan, who has 14 years classroom experience, where he has been recognized as a leader in implementing and leveraging technology in both education and business.  

In addition, Brad is a global influencer and international keynote speaker and has delivered his message and worked, not only in the U.S. but in England, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and more. 

He is also recognized as a top 20 global influencer in Emerging Technology and Augmented Reality and has been awarded, by the National School Board Association, as one of the “20 to Watch”.  An award recognizing individuals who will have the greatest impact in education over the next 20 years.  Brad’s knowledge of emerging technology and his passion to inspire change, makes him a highly sought after and someone who makes an impact where ever he goes. 

Keynotes, Speaking Engagements, Training & Professional Development

Hamilton New Zealand
Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia; Selangor (KL)
Hong Kong
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfurt, Germany
London, England
Cambridge, England
Toronto, Canada
Adelaide, Australia
Gold Coast, Australia
Toronto, Canada

California - 18
Las Angeles - 14
Florida - 9
Texas - 7
Ohio - 5
Michigan - 6
Illinois - 4
Kansas - 4
Ohio - 3
Minnesota - 3
Iowa - 2
Montana - 2
North Carolina

Popular Keynotes and Sessions 


Engaging the “Globally” connected student of today

New Horizons - Emerging technologies and how they are shaping our students today 

Generational Change – Becoming the Generation that changes the education system forever

Emerging Technology and the Education System – How do they work together?

New Horizons – STEM/STEAM, Tech, Culture, Innovation, Digital Citizenship and more

Culture & Innovation – A paradigm shift in Learning, Education and the New Workforce

New Horizons – Beyond the Looking Glass - An inspirational look at Innovation & Education and how it impacts educators, millennials and the new workforce.  

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality – Beyond the Looking Glass

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Emerging Technologies – From HAL to Siri 

Machine Learning, AI, AR, VR, MR and IoT 

New Horizons – Beyond the Looking Glass - An inspirational look at Innovation & Industry.  How it impacts millennials and the new workforce. How to get them and how to keep them. 


From Shakespeare to Star Wars – Coding and Storytelling Tools
During this session, we dive into the latest in student-centered coding and storytelling creation tools that help students with their creativity and help students find their voice! This session will focus on bringing this incredible form of communication into the digital age. We look at the best coding tools and storytelling platforms that allow students to show their understanding and the importance and engagement of coding. 

Design Thinking: A Framework for Innovation
Design Thinking attempts to inspire the essential element of creativity, the ability to take an abstract idea and create something with it. This approach has created a new way for educators and students to solve problems, express themselves with creativity, and build new things. During this session, we will explore the exciting process of design thinking and how it can be used in education as a framework for innovation.

Game Changing Apps & Tools!

Take a look at the best apps & tools for student engagement, student creation, parent communication, teacher productivity and leveraging them for learning outcomes.  Get real, examples of true implementation of the best tools in education and see how these tools can change the culture and engagement in our classroom and school.

Digital Citizenship and an educational PLN

We focus on the power of connecting with people worldwide and student digital citizenship through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and more for professional growth, learning and professional development.  This journey includes why it is importance of digital citizenship, how to create a PLN (Personal Learning Network), how it benefits you and your students and the best resources in the industry. 

Augmented Reality & Emerging Technology
Why will kids sit for hours immersed in a Minecraft world, but have trouble staying engaged during class? Transform your classroom and student learning using Augmented Reality and the latest in emerging technology.  Find out how to use it to engage students, re-ignite teachers and change the culture of a building or a classroom. This session will focus on the latest in Augmented Reality applications, tools and creation platforms and how to implement this technology into the classroom.  Reap the benefits of student engagement and transform learning. Find out what everyone is talking about!

Email or comment below for availability and rates.  1/2 day and full day rates available. 

Brad's Social Media
Twitter - @techbradwaid
Instagram - @techbradwaid
Facebook - Brad Waid
LinkedIn - Brad Waid
Email -

Brad Waid
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  4. I would like to inquire about your rates and availability for an event in Kalispell, Montana please.

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[name=Brad Waid] [img=] [description=Award Winning Educator, Emerging Technology Leader, Global Influencer, International Speaker, Keynoter, Top 15 influencer in Augmented Reality, Branding and Messaging Specialist and a good story-teller. Working with schools, industry, businesses, thought leaders and government bodies to improve learning, education and the human experience. ]