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2 Worlds Collide

Sometimes, without explanation, 2 worlds collide.  Imagine being there when Peanut Butter met Jelly or when Harry Met Sally.  That happened to me the other day.  Being a passionate visionary and evangelist in emerging technology and having two feet, one in education and one industry, I had a chance meeting that took my thoughts and visions to a new level.  Insert Manuel Gutierrez Novelo and Charlie Booth here.

Recently, I spent some time with Manuel Guitierrez Novelo, the CEO, President and Co-Founder of ImmersiON-VRelia (creator of the HMD, I'm wearing below) and Charlie Booth a pioneer in 3D VR training and an incredible producer. You can read their incredible resume and bio's online, but Manuel is known internationally for his work in VR/AR/HMD/HUD/3D Blue Ray and he was the recipient of the Lumiere Award in Technology in 2013. Charlie is know for his feature film production and his work with the Department of Defense.   

I had met Charlie the prior week and my meeting with Manuel was set up by him and another person close to their work, who said to each of us "You two have to meet!"  Manuel and I quickly realized we have the same passion for futuristic movies that fuel our imagination and our vision of an incredible future for human kind.  Within moments we were discussing The Matrix and Neo’s ability to learn complex information, efficiently and effectively.  Our conversations over the next hour were based in reality but were centered around Augmented Reality, Mixed and Virtual Reality.  We were discussing the incredible possibilities the technology can deliver today and harnessing it to elevate the human species.  A lofty goal but an achievable one that we both believe in.  

Manuel, Charlie and their entire team are pushing the envelope and the industry.  They are ready to take on the challenge and I was honored to be part of the discussion.  

Stay tuned and take note because big things are happening in this industry and we are not talking 5 years out, we are talking now.  

Created by one of the team members who insisted on shooting this pic :) 

Said team member taking the pics :)
Taking their VR HMD for a spin

Brad Waid
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